2023 Predator News

January 29th 2023 - Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.201 is released

Predator CNC Service v11.0.0.201 has been released. This release makes the following improvements:

  • Adds Heidenhain RPC protocol for newer Heidenhain CNCs
  • Adds Heidenhain TNC7 support
  • Adds Heidenhain TNC 620 support
  • Adds Heidenhain TNC 320 support
  • Adds Heidenhain TNC 128 support
  • Adds Heidenhain CNC Pilot 640 support
  • Adds Heidenhain MANUALplus 620 support
  • Improves multi-threaded design of Ethernet errors with Predator DNC/x or Predator MDC/x

Customers with a current subscription to Premier Support can download and install v11.0.0.201 of Predator CNC Service from our web site at any time. Customers running v10 or older of Predator CNC Service should contact us at sales@predator-software.com for upgrade details and pricing.

January 17th 2023 - Predator License Utility v12.0.23.4 is released

Predator License Utility Software

Predator License Utility v12.0.3.4 has been officially released. Major improvements have been made to improve Predator licensing. Refer to the following details:

  • Official v12 Release -
  • Added Windows 11 support
  • Added Windows Server 2022 support
  • Added Windows Server 2019 support
  • Added v12 style user interface
  • Added 4k screen resolution support
  • Added version number display to titlebar
  • Added button and dialog for Add License
  • Added button and dialog for Edit License
  • Added button for Refresh Info within the Products tab
  • Added display of installed Windows user within the Products tab
  • Added Sentinel tab for USB SIM validation and device driver display
  • Added Predator License Utility v12 - Reference Manual.pdf
  • Improved the display of the operating system name

This is a free utility and customers can download v12.0.23.4 of the Predator License Utility from our website at any time.